Frozen meals can be purchased at the Home Support Office during office hours. We have two frozen meal food providers. Apetito and Griffith Farm and Market. The meals prepared by Apetito are designed to provide 40% of daily nutritional requirements are low-fat, and low-sodium. With over 25 meal selections, there is a meal to please everyone.

Griffith Farm and Market is a local provider with the motto “Food from our farm to your fork”. Their meals are made individually with no preservatives or fillers and they do not add salt or sugar to any of their meals.
Griffith Farm and Market order forms are available online or at our office

Renfrew and Area Seniors Home Support has increased our inventory of Frozen Meals to ensure a good supply during our pandemic. Frozen Meals ($8.00) are available for our seniors and adults with disabilities. To order please call 613-432-7691.