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Client Testimonials 

"When my health suddenly began to spiral downward someone told me about the services at Renfrew Home Support, they provided me with all the necessary services that I was in need of. They were very friendly and great to me; me, a person that they did not know."

— Renfrew & Area Seniors' Home Support Client


"I am so thankful to Renfrew Seniors’ Home Support and their many volunteers for showing such kindness to a complete stranger and for giving me back my independence. "

— Renfrew & Area Seniors' Home Support Client


Transportation Client Testimonials 

"The driver went above and beyond the call of duty. Even in bad weather he was absolutely amazing, could not find a better or more conscience driver. I felt calm and at ease the entire time, he left plenty of time to arrive at the appointment and although it took a long time to get home in the biggest snow storm of 2016 it was a pleasant experience."

"I feel very fortunate to receive such wonderful and prompt services for eye appointments and surgeries in Ottawa and also for appointments in Ottawa for two total knee surgeries.  It has relieved a lot of stress for me.  Thanks so much for the wonderful service."

"Only once in a while I have money problems.  Impossible to ask for better service in any way, shape or form."

"Neither one of us drives so we really value and appreciate the service – it enables us to get to out-of-town medical appointments with friendly and courteous drivers."


"Every driver I have had has been extremely helpful and friendly.  I could not have asked for more.  Also when I have phoned, the office staff has been great."

"At times my driver has spent over 2 hours waiting for me to have my treatment and never complained."

"I had one very comfortable and successful trip.  I cannot remember when or why.  It was connected to cancer.  The driver was competent…"

"It’s a wonderful service! Often a person does not want to ask family or friends for a ride to an appointment.  The service just allows one to be independent and it’s just so comforting to know that the service is available if it is needed."

"A very needed service.  Keep up the great work!"

"The residents of Renfrew are very fortunate to have this excellent service available to us."

"The volunteers are very generous and compassionate.  Thank you very much!"

"Everyone should receive a raise.  I see no room for improvement for me and my circumstances.  I have found that in some cases drivers feel overwhelmed with the number of people to look after, but they express this in a way of concern for the care of the clients.  More drivers are probably needed but if hired they need to care as much as those already working."

"A very helpful, accessible service for seniors."

I am aware that for many the cost is more than their budget allows.  Is there any organization that could give assistance in such cases?  Personally it is not necessary, but sometimes others ask me. Best wishes for your continued good work.

"We are well pleased with the service we have received in the past 14 years - and hope they can continue their more than excellent work in the future.  Thank you so much for all your kind work.  Everyone is so friendly when you have to phone for a driver."

"I have been more than satisfied with the service and all drivers were excellent and courteous."

"I would just like to thank you so much for always being here for me in my times of need.  I just Thank God that I have such a terrific Program in my life."

"Lovely people, have great conversations, very positive about program."

"We are especially grateful to the wonderful volunteers.After 65 I have to pay for the trip on my own.  I am worried if I can pay for it."

"I had a driver I knew which made for a pleasant trip.  It is wonderful to have this service should you need to get to an appointment in Ottawa."

"Very friendly, cordial, got me a ride sometimes with little (short) notice.  I was going through a trying time (cancer) and knowing this service and workers were on board for me made the worry and stress of getting to appointments not so bad.  Kudos to all!!"

"I would not be able to attend my physician’s appointments in Pembroke/Ottawa without this service.  The drivers are Class A all the way, courteous, prompt and knowledgeable.  The office staff is always so polite and helpful.  Your service is so valuable to our community. Thank you all."

"Very impressed with the concern and dedication of your drivers."

"Your service is the best.  There was only one time I was late and that is throughout many years.  Thanks so much."

"I am so grateful for this service."

"I am extremely pleased with the service provided by the Renfrew & Area Seniors’ Home Support. It is comforting to know we have a reliable, dependable, capable service available with only a phone call required. This is an amazing service, affordable and with caring dedicated people willing to help others."