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Programs & Services at Renfrew Home Support

Programs & Services 


Home Maintenance

Frozen Meals

 Grocery Deliveries

Friendly Visiting

 Client Intervention and Assistance

Telephone Assurance

 Golden Age Activity Centre



 A team of volunteer drivers donate their time and the use of their vehicles to ensure:

that our clients are able to get to necessary out-of-town medical appointments easily, safely and economically.

clients who live in our outlying townships can come into the town of Renfrew for medical appointments and essential services.

Assist Carefor drives through the “Aging At Home” initiatives

Fees charged for the transportation services contribute to the costs involved. Please note: Clients are notified of drive fee when booking the trip with our office.


Home Maintenance

Individuals providing home maintenance services to clients have learned their skills through on-the-job experience, personal interest or previous employment. These individuals are not employees of Renfrew and Area Seniors' Home Support but work independently as representatives of the agency.

All individuals providing service must meet the agency's screening requirements before being added to our referral list. Vulnerable sector search/criminal reference checks and three references.

Renfrew and Area Seniors' Home Support does not provide insurance coverage for home maintenance workers and is not liable for any injury or loss that occurs from this arrangement.

The individuals providing these services have advised that they are able to perform the work for which they are being referred. Renfrew and Seniors' Home Support does not inspect any work that the worker has done and is not responsible for work performed by the worker. Any arrangement made for services with a home maintenance worker is a private agreement between the client and the worker and is the client's responsibility to ensure that the work is completed satisfactorily.

Enables seniors and adults with disabilities to access affordable help with a wide variety of chores and tasks:

 light property maintenance

 snow shovelling

 grass cutting

 small household repairs

 spring and fall cleaning

 window washing

 general housekeeping duties

Fees are negotiated based on work requested and are paid directly by the client to the person(s) doing the work.

Persons interested in being on our referral list to provide Home Maintenance services are encouraged to call the office for details on the application process.


Frozen Meals

Frozen meals can be purchased at the Home Support Office during office hours.  We have two frozen food providers:  Apetito and Griffith Farm and Market.  

The meals prepared by Apetito are designed to provide 40% of daily nutritional requirements, are low-fat, and low-sodium. With over 25 meal selections, there is a meal to please everyone.  Griffith Farm and Market is a local provider with the motto "Food from our farm to your fork".  Their meals are made individually with no preservatives or fillers and they do not add salt or sugar to any of their meals.  

This service will benefit people who require help with meals as they recover from illness or injury; are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves due to frailty, disability, or inexperience; or have special dietary needs.

Griffith Farm and Market order forms are available at the office. 

click to download APETITO MEALS ORDER FORM



Grocery Deliveries

In co-operation with the Renfrew Metro store, we offer assistance to people living in the town of Renfrew who are unable to do their grocery shopping personally.

Clients who demonstrate a need, are required to register for this program through the Home Support Office.

Once a person is registered, clients call in their order to the grocery store on the specified date. Store staff fill the order of shopping and call the client with a) the total bill, and b) a Home Support volunteer delivers the groceries and takes the client’s payment to the store.


Friendly Visiting

A devoted core of volunteers makes regular visits to seniors and adults with disabilities.

The one-on-one contact established during visits helps to alleviate loneliness and stimulate interest in the quality of life by providing friendship and ongoing communication, two important ingredients for healthy living.

The matches are based on common interests or hobbies of both participants, so it is an enjoyable experience for all. This service is provided at no cost to the client.

***We are currently seeking both Male and Female Friendly Visitors for a number of Individuals waiting for a match.***

2 Female visitors - for individuals who would like to have someone stop in and chat

1 Female Visitor - with dementia who likes to sew

1 Female Visitor - to assist an individual with grocery shopping at the grocery store

1 Male Visitor - for an individual who is interested in farming and logging

1 Male Visitor - for an individual who enjoys the outdoors



If you are interested in becoming a friendly visitor or wish to learn more about the program please contact the office at 613.432.7691 or info@renfrewhomesupport.ca


Client Intervention and Assistance

This community support service has evolved over time and addresses a number of needs expressed by clients.

Primarily, it provides help for people unable to understand or access the information required to solve various problems they may be facing.

The intervention often involves forms assistance to complete various benefit applications such as Old Age Security, the Canada Pension Plan (retirement, death, disability, etc), the Ontario Drug Benefit and Trillium Drug Plans, and annual income tax returns.

The correct completion of these forms has a direct impact on the well-being of individuals, as it helps to avoid benefit interruptions and financial distress.

Staff also help clients to make necessary connections with other local resources to address their needs.

This service is provided at no cost to the clients.


Telephone Assurance

A dedicated team of volunteers and staff make regular phone calls to clients to reassure them that help is available if required, and to provide a connection to the community.

By making check-in calls on a previously arranged schedule, we help to ensure the safety and well-being of people who are living alone or spending a lot of time on their own.

This service is provided at no cost to the client.

Information on monitoring systems that allow for an emergency response 24 hours a day:7 days a week is also available to compliment this volunteer effort; e.g..., Helpline/Lifecall.




Golden Age Activity Centre

The Golden Age Activity Centre is for seniors who live independently in the community to have a safe and welcoming meeting place to socialize and relax Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm. The Golden Age Activity Centre is pleased to have a membership of over 300.  Membership is only $20 per year from April 1st to March 31st. WEBSITE