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About Volunteering - Become a Volunteer

"Volunteering with Renfrew & Area Seniors' Home Support has been the most wonderful experience that I have ever had. It brings me joy and happiness, a feeling of self worth, also a feeling that I’m helping people and it feels like a great accomplishment."

— Renfrew & Area Seniors' Home Support Volunteer: Heather


VOLUNTEERS are the backbone of Renfrew & Area Seniors’ Home Support (RASHS) as they are involved in every aspect of the service. From the Board of Directors, to service providers, to fundraisers, volunteers help to provide the leadership, programs and funds that support services for seniors and adults with disabilities in our community.

There are many reasons why people volunteer but most volunteers will tell you that they feel that they benefit just as much from their experiences as do the people they serve. If you have some time to give as a volunteer, why not give us a call (613-432-7691) and start the application process today.

We are currently looking for volunteer positions in the following areas:

FRIENDLY VISITORS (Male volunteer with interest in farming and logging, female visitors to visit in the home, individuals to help with grocery shopping, somone to go for a walk with a client) | DRIVERS | FUNDRAISING (individuals to bake or sell tickets on location or join our fundraising committee) PROMOTIONS (assist with the development of window displays), OFFICE (individuals to help in the office with duties when Administrative Assistant is away)




Volunteer Opportunities

Board members -  meet regularly (usually on a monthly basis) to provide leadership and direction for our overall program and services.

Fundraising Committee

  • Meet monthly to plan and execute special events to raise funds for our not-for-profit charitable program.

  • Fundraising Volunteers assist the fundraising committee with special events and promotional activities, in a variety of ways; e.g., providing baked goods/refreshments for special events,selling raffle tickets, giving out information at display booths, selling admission tickets & greeting people as they arrive at special events, and helping with hall ‘set-up/tear-down’. Activity in this role is on an ‘as needed’ basis, dependent on the special events and activities planned by the Fundraising Committee.

Volunteer Drivers

  • Long-Distance: Ensure that clients get to out-of-town medical appointments (Ottawa, Pembroke, or Arnprior)

  • Local: Ensure that clients living in our outlying townships can come into town for medical appointments and errands.

  • Carefor ‘Aging At Home’ Initiatives: Ensure that clients participating in the Mobile Geriatic Day Hospital are transported to their sessions and assist with drives through the “Going Home” program.

Volunteer dispatcher

  • Co-ordinates trip requests by matching clients with available drivers.

Grocery Delivery Program

  • Delivers groceries to clients enrolled in our weekly grocery program.

Frozen Meal Delivery Volunteer

  • Delivers frozen meals to those clients unable to have their meal orders picked up locally.

Friendly Visitors

  • Provide one-on-one weekly visits within a pre-arranged match, to help prevent clients, who spend a lot of time on their own, from becoming isolated.

Telephone Security Check Volunteers

  • Call clients on a pre-arranged schedule to ensure their wellbeing and/or offer an opportunity to chat.

Office Volunteers

  • Assist staff with day-to-day office procedures and preparations for fundraising/special events; e.g., newsletter mail outs, tickets for raffle, etc. Activity in this role is on an ‘as needed’ basis as workload extends beyond staffing resources.


The following are reasons given to us by our volunteers as to why they volunteer for our organization.
1. To help people and give back to the community
2. Put extra time available in retirement to good use.
3. Because seniors need us
4. Enjoy working with seniors
5. Family member benefited from service and volunteers so that others can be assisted
6. Way to get to know people
7. Asked to volunteer by someone involved with the organization
8. Has skills that could be used by the organization



We asked our volunteers what they liked best about volunteering and here is what they told us:
1. Meeting people
2. Accomplishing something that needs to be done
3. Working for a good cause
4. Helping people out
5. I feel like family
6. Provides opportunities for personal growth
7. To give back to the community
8. Can use skills/develop skills
9.   People need and appreciate it
10. Get to know people, hear their stories and learn history of community
11. Rewarding
12. Lets me share my previous life/work experience